Scott Disick, Maluma get aggressive on Twitter


Scott Disick, Maluma get aggressive on Twitter

Scott Disick and singer Maluma seems to have gotten into a bit of a spat. 

The two were seen to have a heated exchange on Twitter but the cause could not be determined.

“[Expletive} with this guy @maluma,” Scott posted.

In response the Colombian musician said, “What’s up with you? You want to be me so bad that you try to take what is mine?”

Following Maluma’s response, the Flip It Like Disick star gave a fiery reply “@maluma I didn’t have to try that hard, get over yourself your a joke.”

The exchange was sure to puzzle some fans as it was the first time this happened between the two.

One Twitter user wrote, “wait what’s going on with maluma and scott disick???”

Another wrote, “why are maluma baby and scott fighting on the tl ???”.

Another wrote, “scott disick beefing w maluma on twitter isn’t something I ever saw happening.”

2021-07-07 17:33:00

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