Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘sidelined’ in ‘elaborate choreographed’ plan

Consultants accuse Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of getting ‘deliberate’ an elaborate motive geared toward

This statement has been made by royal creator Christopher Anderson, throughout his interview with Royally Us.

He identified the ‘callousness’ of the Agency’s plan and admitted, “The entire world was watching and ready to see if fences can be mended, if the Sussexes received again along with the remainder of the household.”

“From that standpoint, it was an unmitigated catastrophe,” he additionally added.

“It is onerous to see how the Royal Household may’ve been any extra callous in direction of the Sussexes. They have been meticulously choreographed in each on the spot to be sidelined and marginalised.”

Earlier than concluding the professional additionally added, “If Harry went to London’s Jubilee celebrations hoping to fix fences, that did not occur.”

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