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PFSA collects DNA samples of PIA plane crash victims


LAHORE: The Punjab Forensic Science Agency collected DNA samples from 52 victims of the Karachi plane crash on Tuesday, saying that the DNA reports will be released after Wednesday.

PFSA Director-General Dr Muhammad Tahir Ashraf confirmed that the agency had collected DNA samples from Karachi and returned to Lahore.

“DNA samples of 52 deceased individuals and their families have been obtained,” he confirmed. “We will start releasing DNA reports after Wednesday.”

On the other hand, Sindh Forensic and DNA Laboratory Karachi University said that samples from 67 victims of the PIA plane crash have been provided by their families.

Sindh prohibits PFSA from taking DNA samples from PIA plane crash victims

The PFSA had reached Karachi to obtain DNA samples after orders from the Punjab government on Saturday

Minister for Health and Population Welfare Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho had said that Sindh had its own Forensic/Genome Lab at Karachi University where the DNA sampling of all the unidentified plane crash victims will take place.

“We also have a lab at Liaquat University Jamshoro,” Pechuho had said.

She said that the team that arrived from Punjab had come to investigate the aircraft specifics, not the bodies.

“Sindh is capable of conducting the DNA sampling and the Governor [Imran Ismail] should not politicise such a tragedy by giving out statements without having complete knowledge,” she had further said.

The PIA Airbus A-320 jet with 99 people onboard, of whom two miraculously survived, had crashed into a crowded residential area after twice trying to land at the airport on Friday. The actual reason for the crash remains unknown as investigations remain underway.

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