Pakistan shoots down unfounded claims by Afghan vice president against PAF


Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Friday rubbished outlandish claims by the Afghan vice president, saying that it remains committed to an Afghan-owned solution in the war-torn country. 

Afghanistan Vice President Amrullah Saleh had claimed on Twitter that the PAF had said it would repel any attempt by the Afghan Air Force to dislodge the Taliban from the Spin Boldak area.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) clarified that the PAF had “never communicated anything to the Afghan Air Force”, adding that such statements undermine Pakistan’s sincere efforts for an Afghan-owned and led solution.

The foreign office further clarified that the Afghan side conveyed to Pakistani authorities their intentions to carry out an air operation in its territory, which is opposite to the Chaman sector in Pakistan.

“We acknowledge Afghan Government’s right to undertake actions on its sovereign territory,” stressed the Foreign Office.

“Pakistan responded positively to Afghan Government’s right to act in its territory. In spite of very close border operations normally not acceded to by internationally accepted norms/standards/procedures, Pakistan took necessary measures within its territory to safeguard our own troops and population,” added the FO.

The MoFA also clarified that recently, Pakistan rescued 40 Afghan National and Defence Security Forces (ANDSF) “with a declared offer to ANDSF to provide all logistical support as requested”.

Pakistan said it remained committed to peace in Afghanistan “irrespective of the detractors”.

Islamabad said it was important for all parties to work for an inclusive, broad-based and comprehensive political settlement in Afghanistan.

2021-07-16 10:53:45

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