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Nostradamus prediction for 2022

In 1555, Michel de Nostradame better known as simply Nostradamus published his book Les Prophéties. The book, featuring 942 poetic quatrains, allegedly foretold the future.

The famed astrologer has been credited with predicting everything from the rise of Hitler to the shooting of John F. Kennedy.

Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic. there’s no denying that there have been eerie correlations between the predictions of Nostradamus, and major historical events.

Here are just a few of Nostradamus’ predictions that we should look out for in 2022.

Nostradamus warned of the possibility of War or Invasion of France

It’s very difficult to pin down exact dates with Nostradamus’ predictions as they’re based on astrological movements…. However, one that can be narrowed down to perhaps being due in 2022 is the prediction of war reaching Europe.

Could this prediction be alluding to the breakout of WWIII, or France’s qualification into the 2022 Qatar World Cup? Keep an eye out for the team that beats France to see if their kit is white!…..

Nostradamus worried about Inflation and starvation

Another stark possibility that Nostradamus warns against is the rising prices in a failing economy.

Political instability, Brexit, and a worldwide pandemic have all contributed to an inflation boom in recent years. it’s safe to assume that he was telling us not to be surprised if 2022 is the year that inflation and hunger lead to rebellion.

Nostradamus warns of Global Warming

Perhaps not a surprise, given the climate over the past few years, but rising sea temperatures were something that Nostradamus predicted in 1555…..

The death of coral reefs, decimation of natural habitats, and declining number of fish globally could be a warning sign that Nostradamus’ predictions of boiling seas and starving populations are just around the corner……

Nostradamus predicted the rise of artificial intelligence

This makes it even more impressive that Nostradamus appeared to hypothesise about artificial intelligence almost five decades ago…. As he said,

The Moon in the full of night over the high mountain

The new sage with a lone brain sees it

By his disciples invited to be immortal

Eyes to the south. Hands in bosoms, bodies in the fire

Nostradamus was ahead with his description of immortal disciples and the potentially negative consequences.

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