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#Kashmir conflict seen to be stirring up threat of #Nuclear war between Pakistan & India: #US #ThinkTank

A US think tank has warned that the nuclear war specter is haunting tensions between India and Pakistan and the disputed Kashmir territory could provide the spark that lights the nuclear fuse in South Asia.

Stratfor’s report, a geopolitical intelligence platform based in Austin, Texas, also disputes the classification of the Kashmir issue as an inner affair between India and Pakistan or a bilateral problem.

According to the report, the possibility of the conflict going nuclear has increased after Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement of abandoning India’s “no first use” doctrine.

The report says decades ago, the people of Kashmir were promised a plebiscite that never took place.

It points out that last February, Pakistan downed an Indian fighter jet but returned its pilot. However, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not acknowledge Islamabad’s conciliatory gesture nor his government has been willing to discuss the Kashmir issue, whose people were promised a plebiscite on their future.

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