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Karachi supermarket fire displaces 170 families as smouldering process continues

KARACHI: Even after two days, the fire department was unable to extinguish the fire in the basement of a 15-story building near Jail Chowrangi.

The supermarket fire that had killed one has also displaced 170 families residing in the building — which has been declared unsafe and is no longer suitable for living.

Officials from the fire department reported that the blaze is under control and the smouldering process is underway while more than 18 fire trucks are still on the site.

Assistant Commissioner Ferozabad Asma Batool revealed that the cause of the fire was a short circuit.

“At 10:40 am, the fire was first reported,” she said, adding that due to the high prices of edible oil the superstore management had hoarded the commodity in the basement which spread the fire.

Parts of the building are still blazing, but the intensity is low, the assistant commissioner said, adding that the fire has spread to the parking lot.

According to details, there are automobiles and motorcycles present in the parking lot; three motorcycles were damaged.

“We are trying to get vehicles out of the facility, but the temperature has dropped from 500 to 150,” she added.

On the other hand, the Sindh Building Control Authority has informed the Deputy Commissioner of the Eastern District in a letter that the surrounding buildings have also been evacuated.

According to reports, the police have filed charges against the three brothers who owned the supermarket.

A huge fire that broke out in a supermarket located at Jail Chowrangi on Wednesday afternoon has been ablaze and could not be completely extinguished even after 48 hours.

The fire broke out on Wednesday at 11am in the warehouse of the superstore situated on Jail Chowrangi — a very busy street — officials said. The superstore is situated in a multi-storey building and sees a lot of footfall every day. Thick smoke emanating from the fire engulfed the area, causing breathing problems for the people nearby.

As the fire broke out, a person who was rescued and shifted to a nearby hospital lost his life. Meanwhile, four people, including two firefighters, passed out.

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