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Islamic Ideology Council urges public to pray at home, adhere to govt’s safety guidelines


ISLAMABAD: The Islamic Ideology Council (IIC) on Thursday urged the government to pray at home following the coronavirus outbreak and adhere to the safety guidelines of the government to contain the virus.

In a press release issued by the council on Thursday, the IIC threw its weight behind the government’s decision to ban congregational public for more than five persons. “The value of human life has a special importance in Shariah and the religion of God gives it special importance,” Qibla Ayaz, Chairman IIC, was quoted as saying.

Ayaz urged people to stay at home so that they can remain at a distance from each other and called on them to follow safety precations by state institutions and medical experts. However, the IIC chairman said that people must not perceive that mosques are being locked up yet at the same time, it must adhere to the government’s instructions on limiting congregational prayers.

The council called on the government to seek cooperation from Imams rather than locking them up so that they can fight the virus with the help of the authorities. The IIC said that the spread of the coronavirus was not linked to any one religious group or sect. “Whether it be Umrah pilgrims, zaireen of holy sites or members of the Tablighi jamaats, none are associated with the spread of this disease. The individual negligence that has taken place in this regard should be treated with lawful and logical steps,” said Ayaz.

The council paid tribute to the international organisations, medical experts and health professionals who are battling the virus and engaged in seeking a cure for the pandemic. The IIC urged the affluent to keep in mind the religious minorities in Pakistan and help them out during this crisis.

“All those affected by the coronavirus should be helped regardless of their faith or ethnicity. The government, civil society and public should join hands to provide relief to them,” said Ayaz.

The IIC said that people who died from the coronavirus should be referred to as ‘martyrs’ or ‘deceased’ instead of saying they were ‘killed’. Ayaz said that people who died from the coronavirus should be given ghusl in accordance with the safety precautions. He urged the government to upgrade the status of mosques as ‘community centres’.

Condemning the curfew in occupied Kashmir, the IIC called on the world to take notice of Indian barbarity in the disputed territory. The IIC further said that the government should help out Pakistanis who were stranded both within the country and abroad.

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