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International Human Rights Movement stage Demo Against Indian atrocities

LAHORE: For gaining international support to setting aside and restoring / reverting the articles 370 and 35-A of Indian constitution keeping an eagle eyes over the most awaited event of united nation general assembly session when the prime minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan has already been officially reached New York to attend to address world leaders on 27 September in the UNGA session.

International human rights movement & world columnist club along with concerned , responsible civil society members participating from different walk of life, hold demonstration today against India, near the US consulate Lahore to draw the attention of world top most influential countries heads specially , towards continuously ongoing 50 days curfew, lockdown and severe human rights violations in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Event was organize to influence the influence and drawing their attention of international community towards this most critical controversial issue of abrogation of article 370 & 35-A.

While addressing to the Protestants IHRM president Mr Muhammad Nasir Iqbal Khan said that today the people of Kashmir for peace, justice and freedom are watching with a hope at the faces of World & United Nations that who shall announce good news about their freedom. Nasir Said that UN should decide the matter on the basis of merit not trade , he added if the India is not implementing over the resolutions of UN then its Secretary General have to clearly decide the future of Kashmir’s and others innocents suffering the same.
Nasir further said that the Secretary-General of the United Nations can make history by resolving the Kashmir issue, and surely the work will not be forgotten.

While taking to the Protestants and media Human rights lawyer and social activist Mukhdoom Waseem Qureshi expressed his sever concerns over Indian bold and controversial move to abrogate article 370 and 35-A on Kashmir. Mukhdoom said that Indian PM Modi’s extremist action has created the world’s worst instability. The conscience of the world must press on India to restore humanity and its constitutional identity be restoring article 370 & 35-A. Mukhdoom expressed his severe concerns for the prevailing situation in indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir as food points, medicine stores, mosques, educational institutions, markets and even hospitals are closed for the last fifty days in Kashmir. Mukhdoom added that the conspiracy to crush the ongoing movement for independence with a constitutional amendment will not succeed. He urged the international community demanding Pakistani premier Imran Khan and others top most powerful states head , attending United Nations session to play their positive role whole heartedly to influence and pressuring India to take back its decision by restoring articles 370 and 35-A by lift ban. During the protest others prominent speakers from the civil society , lawyers, traders, teachers , students , doctors, columnist and others expressed their views that Modi has spread hatred in the world by snatching the rights of people of Kashmir and violating UN nation resolution.
During the protest Protestants were holding the portraits of the world top influential countries like America, China, Russia, France , Iran, England , Turkey ,Iran , Saudi Arabia , Japan , Canada , Malaysia , Germany country heads including UN General Secretary as play cards in their hands , at which different slogans and expectations massages were written on them to draw their attentions towards Kashmir issue and seeking their support for restoring the article 370 , 35-A . Protestants from different walk of life also changed anti Indian slogans and said we want peace and do not want atomic war in Asia. And finally after all measure Indian if India does not story human rights violations then we shall be standing with our Army whatever decision they made regarding war..

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