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Exclusive Interview of CPLC Chief, Mr. Zubair Habib

Interview: H-N, Now News Correspondent, Karachi

Citizens were reluctant to go to the police station; They knew they would not be assisted, says Chief CPLC

Zubair Habib, head of the Citizens Police Liaison Committee, told Now Pakistan in an interview; “The purpose of the CPLC was to bridge the gap between law enforcement agencies and the public. People were often reluctant to go to the police station,” . They knew they would not be assisted; correction was needed instead of criticizing the police. For the things that the police don’t have the skills for, they have to be trained. It is difficult to test the extent to which the confidence of the police has been restored in the present era.

Rangers played a vital role in improving Karachi conditions: Zubair Habib

Zubair Habib said that in 2013, the operation was started to overcome the problems of the city, after which the situation improved, there was a time when strikes called daily, cars were burnts, no-go areas were common in the city. People were in agony. Rangers played a vital role in improving the situation in Karachi.

Police reforms can’t improve until officers complete their deployment tenure, Chief CPLC

Zubair Habib termed measures needed to improve police reform The current officers are very capable, but there is a dire need for correction at the police station. Unless officers complete their deployment period, police reforms cannot be improved, officers are removed from the job before period expires, leaving many jobs incomplete. The deployment period for officers should be at least three years so that they can work under one plan and get their plans finalized. Under the new police order, officers will complete their term, which will be monitored by the Public Safety Commission.

New police act brought by Sindh government is not perfect, Zubair Habib

Chief CPLC said that political interference in the police had severely affected the performance of the department.

Any work that has been going on for a long time does not work well overnight, he said. There are reservations in the Act, every developing country has a law that is made keeping in the public interest, the new Police Act brought by the Sindh Government is not perfect. For further improvement, political stability is also essential.

In urban areas, automatic weapons are not used by the police, Chief CPLC

Regarding the weapons used by the police, Zubair Habib said that the automatic weapons which the police have are not used in the urban population, these weapons are used in raw areas where there is no public traffic. Thousands of weapons were provided to the police during the era of AD Khawaja Sahib, after which a large number of semi-automatic weapons have been replaced.

Karachi crime rate lower than London and Delhi: Chairman CPLC

The CPLC chief said that street crime cases mostly target mobile phones, adding that the snatching of vehicles has decreased slightly, with over 1,000 vehicles being stripped in 2013 while in 2018, 175 vehicles were snatched, the average crime rate was 20%. In 2013, where the numbers of car stolen was 3,000 is now reduced to 1200, the number of vehicles stolen has dropped by 60%.

According to Zubair Habib, if cities like London and Delhi are compared to Karachi, it will be clear that there is not such a bad situation in Karachi. 13 to 14 thousand vehicles were stolen in Delhi in 2016, 8,000 vehicles were stolen in London while 1700 vehicles were stolen in Karachi. He said that in 2013, two and a half thousand people were killed in Karachi, while in 2018, 326 people were killed.

Bike-Tracker will be compulsory, the public will be bound, CPLC Chief Zubair Habib

According to Zubair Habib, the biggest problem in the city is motorcycle theft, which police have not yet controlled. The reduction in vehicle theft is due to the tracker. Steps are being taking on the motorcycle trackers under which the trackers will be mandatory and the citizens will be bound.

Whenever technology and enforcement are brought in, criminals become reluctant to commit a crime. Zubair Habib called unemployment a major reason behind street crime.

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