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Curfew, constraints in Occupied Kashmir remain for 29th consecutive day

In Occupied Kashmir, besides curfew, strict restrictions and communications blackout on 29th consecutive day, today, Indian authorities are now using drones to monitor activities of the Kashmiri people.   

Indian forces are using drones equipped with hi-resolution cameras and night vision devices for the surveillance of protests and other pro-freedom activities.

Meanwhile, Internet, mobile and landline services are dead and TV channels are shut since August 05 when India revoked special status of Jammu and Kashmir. The valley is cut-off from the rest of the world.

All types of business establishments continue to remain shut and schools, too, wear a deserted look as students remain absent due to fear.

The people of the Kashmir valley are facing acute shortage of essential commodities including food, milk and life-saving medicines due to curfew and blockade.

A report by Kashmir police confirmed that over five hundred incidents of protests took place since August 5, with Srinagar topping the list with over 160 such incidents.

Meanwhile, A Kashmiri rights activist, Gowhar Gilani was stopped by Indian authorities at the Delhi airport and barred from flying abroad.

Gilani was travelling for a programme with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle in Bonn, Germany.

Gilani said immigration officer told him that they had clear instructions to not allow him to fly out because of prevailing situation in Kashmir. He was not given any written order on why he has been stopped.

The move depicts fear of Indian authorities that Kashmiri rights activists, journalists and politicians may share the horrific details of occupied Kashmir under siege for many weeks before the world if they were allowed to travel abroad.

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