‘British monarchy will wrestle to outlast Queen Elizabeth’

Debate on the British monarchy’s future continues after  Queen Elizabeth ‘s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Whereas many individuals consider that it’s going to proceed , some  consultants have their doubts.

The British monarchy will wrestle to outlast the Queen, mentioned author Petronella Wyatt.

In accordance with Each day Mail, Wyatt’s father was the Queen Mom’s closest confidants.

He additionally requested whether or not the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was fond farewell to the monarchy.

“The Queen’s heirs cannot maintain it collectively.Charles thinks he’s chief of the opposition. William is petulant and their household petty squabbles are within the papers virtually each day.”

The author mentioned this might not have occurred beneath Prince Philip’s watch.

Commenting on his observations, senior royal biographer Angela Levin mentioned, “I fully disagree with Patronella.I consider Prince Charles will make a superb king not least as a result of he cares a lot in regards to the folks.William has the identical sense of responsibility.”

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