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Another minor kidnapped from Kasur

KASUR: On Thursday evening, another child was kidnapped from Kasur district of Punjab where two motorcyclists, according to reports, tried to abduct two kids from Hashim Chowk, but after being pursued, they left one of the boys in an unconscious state.

The child was taken to a hospital where police said his declaration had changed.

The police said no one has come forward about the alleged abduction of the other child.

The recent abduction case comes dasy after  the remains of at least three of the four children who went missing from the city’s Chunian locality were found earlier this week.

All three were brutally raped before being  killed and later buried underground, the police said.

They  said, 12-year-old Imran of Rana Town had gone missing on June 1, eight-year-old Ali Hasnain and nine-year-old Salman in August, and eight-year-old Faizan on September 16. 

Only Faizan’s complete body was recovered, whereas the bones of the remaining two were recovered from sand dunes in the Chunian Industrial Area.

Although only Faizan was identified since his complete body was recovered, the identities of the other two children would be confirmed once the results of the DNA test are made available.

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