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All city Tajir Ittehad chairman Hammad Poonawala’s Special #Interview

Businessman frustrated with new government, lockdown against government anti business policy, deadlock on ID card condition, last option is strike, country cannot tolerate more strike and internal differences, said President of All city Tajir Ittehad Hamad Poonawala in an interview by NOW NEWS Pakistan.

All policies of the government have proved to be anti-business, President All city Tajir Ittehad.

During the interview, President All city Tajir Ittehad Hamad Poonawala said that the economy had been suffering from loss for ten years, there was a lot of expectation from the new government that there would be positive change in economy and business and inflation would be reduced but vice versa. After takeover of the new government, not only inflation but business has also been severely affected.

Hamad Poonawala said that if the government took the traders in confidence, there would be positive results. All the government’s policies proved to be anti-business, especially the budget and then the FBR strategy greatly affected the business community. This impression is not correct that we do not want to pay taxes, the businessmen of Karachi pay and want to pay taxes but it should be step-by-step process. Never before had there been a sudden tax burden from the government. Tax abuses add to entrepreneurs’ worries. Due to government pressure, traders are scared, business is completely shut down.

Don’t understand why chairman FBR insists on CNIC condition: Hamad Poona.

The President All city Tajir Ittehad said the most disturbing issue was the condition of the ID card on purchases of more than Rs 50,000. Identity Cards was misused in the past, many mobile SIMs were issued in the name of one person, fake accounts were opened, properties were purchased and assets were created through Identity Cards. Who can make sure that ID cards won’t be
misused. There is no law in the world where ID cards are to be given on purchases.

Hamad Poonawala criticized Chairman FBR, saying it looks like a doctor suggested Chairman FBR Shabar Zaidi to make ID cards compulsory. It is not clear hat why an identity card is necessary. The economy of the country will run by businesses runnin. Facilities should be provided to traders, not worries..

It would be better to prevent corruption and smuggling on ports putting pressure on traders. Hamad Poona

The president of the All city Tajir Ittehad said that he met chairman FBR Shabar Zaidi, where the option was given on fixed tax but most traders have reservation on identity card condition on which dead lock is maintained.

Chairman FBR was suggested that It would be better to prevent corruption and smuggling on ports putting pressure on traders. If it was to overcome then many of the government’s goals would be accomplished. At the same time, those who were arrested for corruption should also be forced to give back the the money. Whatever action the government takes should be in national interest, no personal or political revenge should be taken against anybody.

Meeting with shabbar zaidi at governor house left in controversy: Hamad Poona

He further said that the All city Tajir Ittehad had first called for a strike which was withdrawn on Governor Sindh’s assurance and then a three-day strike call was given by the Trader Action Committee which was once again withdrawn on Governor Sindh Imran Ismail’s intervention. In the past, there had been a tradition that when there was no hearing, there was a strike. We had never been supportive of the strike but were forced to give a call due to government anti-business policies. In this connection, Chairman FBR Shabar Zaidi met at the Governor’s House in the presence of Governor Sindh Imran Ismail, who was sworn in. A six-member delegations was to be met at the meeting but that number changed to forty and the meeting was made controversial.

Can’t use business organizations to benefit a political party: Hamad Poona

Hamad Poonawala said that the All Pakistan Traders Association also called for a strike, which prompted the Karachi businessmen to announce the detachment. The aim of the detachment was that if suddenly someone came from Punjab and said that there would a strike which had no status among the businessmen of Karachi. If an organization wants to harm a country by scoring a point or for a political purpose, they will not be a part of it. Business organizations have nothing to do with politics. The traders could not use the organizations to benefit any political party, which is why they announced their separation and the strike in Karachi was not successful..

He further said that despite all the talks and petitions, if there was no hearing , the businessmen would be forced to strike with the unions. If this is the case, the economy will be stopped in the next few months.

Occupied Kashmir case intensifies, country still not able to stand a strike: Hamad Poona Wal

The president of the All city Tajir Ittehad said that in such a situation when the issue of occupied Kashmir has intensified, the country cannot tolerate strikes and internal differences. I would like to appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan, Army Chief and business community that the matters relating to the traders should be postponed for three months so that the businesses keep running smoothly. We want to give a good message to the world that whenever bad times come on the country, the whole nation unites. This time is not a matter of differences.

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