3 Iranian satellites will be ready to carry out the mission

The head of Iran’s Space Agency Morteza Barari said that the launch of a sensing satellite in the orbit of 36,000 kilometers is on the agenda and three Iranian satellites will be ready to carry out the mission.

Morteza Barari met with faculty and top startups in the province of Lorestan province on Saturday, and noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has reached a full cycle of space technology with the efforts of its youth, despite 40 years of sanctions.

He went on to say that in the comprehensive scientific map of the country, the space industry will play an important role and in this regard the first annexed document of the country’s comprehensive scientific document and the space industry has also been approved  in the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution.

Iran has achieved significant achievements in the space industry over the past decade, ranking first among the countries in the region this year and ranking 11 in the world, said the deputy minister of communications and information technology.

Referring to the launch of two satellites from Iran last year, Barari pointed out that Iran with the launch of Omid (Hope) Satellite has achieved the full cycle of space technology as the ninth country in the world.

He reiterated that now Iranian specialists have gained knowledge of launch base, launcher, satellite, satellite reception and control station and satellite data station which is regarded as prominent honor for the country.

In 2015, over 800,000 traditional jobs have been eliminated and 2 million new jobs have returned to the job ecosystem, which is expected more than 500,000 new data and information technology-based jobs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are created and the same amount traditional jobs are removed, the top official noted.

The growth of the aerospace economy has now reached more than 139 times of the economic growth that Iran is also pursuing in its program to develop the aerospace industry, he said.

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